Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Craftsmanship Manifesto

Reading 'Managing Agile' blog - did you hear about a new Agile Software Craftsmanship Manifesto?

Charl Dreyer ask if we need a clarifying manifesto for the Agile Manifesto. I vote no. You can cast a vote also on his blog. I'm interested in the outcome.

I like what the Craftsmanship group is saying, I think it well said. But just because you were late to the party, don't try to start your own party. Thereby spiting or confusing the group of party goers.

I also believe they have started in the middle of a conversation. They are clearly (if you know the secret handshake) talking in reference to the Agile Manifesto, but have not given reference to it. If one doesn't know the Agile Manifesto then the Craftsmanship Manifesto doesn't have value.

Now had they invited me to the Agile Manifesto meeting maybe they would have come up with the craftsmanship angle.... Why - because I would have been skiing up at Alta and having a blast. There is real craftsmanship in my tele-turns! We will never know. However I don't think that we need another manifesto to clarify the one that has been working so well for 8 years.
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