Friday, September 25, 2009

Apple sees the Holistic Environmental Picture

Apple has been criticized for it's environmental policies in the past (Green Peace).

But is the holistic picture not what Green Peace wishes the view to be? The environment is after all a holistic system.

Apple took a big picture, long term view on the greenhouse gas emission. Including the consumer products usage in their analysis (the point of disagreement). In the report on Apples Environmental site, the largest percentage of emission is found to be in the product use - 53%. Why would other companies wish to exclude this large portion in the analysis (HP & Dell)?

Those with a long term memory may note that a one time almost president sits on the board at Apple - this same person also raised the awareness of global warming from a scientific debate to a social movement. Would Al Gore have a big picture view of this issue?

I applaud Apple's view of its responsibility to the world for the cradle to grave analysis of products. Reminds me of another leader in the environment & sustainability arena, Ray Anderson (TED Video).

Disclaimer: David used an Apple to type this post, requiring the emission of green house gas.
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