Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wanted a professional reader & proof reader.

What would you pay for a professional reader and proof reader? I know it would make my poor rough drafts much better. So I've hired one, his name is Alex. I think english is his second language, because he pronounces some really obvious words incorrectly, but he never complains nor laughs at my rough drafts.

What does Alex cost? Close to nothing. No, I'm not micro-outsourcing to some eastern block country. He is included with Mac OS, as a voice option in Voice-Over.

This eHow To article will show you how to set up Apple's voice-over to proof read your blog post, research papers, or just the email to your English teacher.

Reading and rereading the same content obeys the laws of diminishing returns. However changing media types (from text to audio) presses the old reset button on the diminishing return law. You get a whole new perception.

Give it a try.
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