Friday, December 4, 2009

Rx for a Team Culture

Do you think you need a prescription to create a Team Culture - OK - here you go.

  1. Executive-level statements in public and private about the importance of team players (not just teamwork platitudes).
  2. Executives model team player behaviors (not just preach behaviors).
  3. Promote and reward people with team player skills, publicly announce reasons including team player factors for decision.
  4. Reward team players with important assignments.
  5. Adjust individual performance appraisal systems to include specific team player behaviors.
  6. Hold training on attitudes, skills and behaviors of team players.
  7. Reward team players with higher salary increases, and tell them why.
  8. Create an incentive system that rewards team effort (not individual effort).
  9. Institute flexible compensation programs that allow managers to pay individuals that contribute to the team culture.
  10. Include team-player skills & abilities in management assessment programs.
  11. Develop programs of team awards that motivate the teams, flexible enough to tailor it to team needs.
  12. Appeal to intrinsic motivation, encourage managers to use nonmonetary forms of reward.
  13. Eliminate competitive rating and ranking appraisals programs.

- From Glenn M. Parker's - Team Players and Teamwork (1996) pp. 146-147. New hardcover edition via Amazon.
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