Sunday, March 13, 2011

Collaborative Place :: Context inside of Space

I am in search of collaborative place - the context of innovation that is embodied in the space we choose to inhabit. Having noticed how some people decorate their cubie with personal artifacts and the boundary that the artificial wall creates, I'd like to "tear down that wall."

I attempted to study the habits of people in transition from structured space to open space. I bought a time lapse camera with the intent of photographing the big picture patterns of movement. My vision was to mount the camera to a column in the space. Record the deconstruction of cubicles into the open space. Then watch the organization of Place, via the context of a Scrum work teams, within the space.

The people vetoed the idea. Lack of trust is the motive. They were uncomfortable with the organization having photographic proof that they were talking with each other rather than pressing keys on their keyboard. While I understand the feelings of the people, the organization should wake up to the impediment this points to. The sub-text is trust and a belief system that communication via face-to-face is less valuable. That a laugh is a sign of goofing off, as opposed to enjoyment of work/play.

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