Saturday, May 21, 2011

What iOS apps are required for iHappiness?

I am the Koontz family's designated Apple fan-boy.  The one that had the first iPhone, the one that talked Mom into buying an iMac.  But lately it has occurred to me that the title is being usurped.  First it was my mother-in-law that got the first iPad, when all I had was an iWant.  Now my mother has an iPad 2, I still only have iEnvy.

While they have the new shiny toys - I've got more apps on my iPhone than they do.  However there are a few iPad only apps I cannot get.  Mom told me to get the NC Muesum of Art's app for the Rodin exhibit.  It is only avaliable on the iPad.  But the HD video is awesome on my MacBook Pro (bigger screen than the iPad).

Rodin: The Cantor Foundation Gift to the North Carolina Museum of Art

So what are the required apps for happiness?

A list:

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