Sunday, June 3, 2012

Internet usage reduces brain function

Here is an info-graphic that while interesting makes me a bit sad.

How the Internet is Ruining Your Brain

I do believe than we have entered into a very volatile micro-evolutionary portion of human history.  I do find that I off-load to various electronic media pieces of information and knowledge that might have years past be committed to memory.  I'm not sure this is a bad thing, yet we may surprise ourselves at the brink of our extinction.   We are in the exponential age - or as some call it the anthropocene.

So there are some controls one could place on the rot of your mind.  Try SelfControl an application that blocks the internet for a period of time - perhaps long enough for you to be productive.  I also tried RescueTime for a while, but found it not very helpful.  It did not motivate me to change my behavior.

I do find that many of us are delusional about our abilities to multitask.  My superpower is a slightly above normal ability to stay in a rut.  Single-Track-Man does not multitask.

So I'm working on getting my white matter back up to snuff - I'm trying to find an off-line interest in life.  Working on boats is a wonderful past time and a hole in the water where time and money just flows endlessly.

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