Sunday, March 15, 2009

Linked Data – the re-invented Web

What’s the guy that invented the Web up to theses days? No, not Al Gore, he’s saving the world one climate at a time (Repower America). I’m referring to Tim.

It has only been 20 years ago that Tim Berners-Lee had this crazy idea of hyper linked documents that became a paper, then an implementation, and grew into a movement. A movement that you are involved with as you read this page. He now has another crazy idea about the underlying data of all these documents on the web. Watch his TED video where he explains Linked Data, join the movement at the grass roots level. How can we create linked data? If you think you can not because it is our clients data, not ours; then I’d ask you to re-think that, and change your paradigm. That’s what happened 20 years ago.

Here's Tim's 2010 TED talk, where he shows how quickly the community built the map for Port Au Prince after the Haiti earthquake.
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