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Is your office culture creating a "Double Bind"?

Have you heard this term in your office " double bind "?  I bet you haven't - do you even have a clue as to it's meaning?  Since the majority of my readers are male - I can safely bet that the overwhelming number has no clue.  I've never heard it, I confess. After reading about the term and a study at BYU on why women don't speak up in groups... well I have a sense of the double bind.  An observational sense - not a first-hand experience of the double bind. Our industry - software development - has a problem.  The Agile movement with it's lofty goal of improving the work life for developers could have addressed this problem.  Over the last 19 years ( Agile Manifesto c. 2001 ) I've seen little movement in the needle of women in SW Dev (STEM Stats - 15 %).  Could the alliance moved that needle.... it is one of their initiatives . One in 18 Trillion I use to have a goal, no objective, no a rule...  to have at least one female on each team.  After r