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AgileFest 2013 Planning Retrospective

We were invited to Thomson Reuters for our AgileFest! 2013 planning retrospective.  Derek and Modesto did a wonderful job designing a metaphor board.  We had fun filling it in with concepts, ideas, feelings and reflecting on 3 months of work.  That work resulted in a great day of learning. Get Silverlight and view a PhotoSynth of the Retro board and space. Derek raises an eye at that comment Modesto can see with eyes shut AgileFest Lessons Learned Review

Scrum Team Metrics (necessary and sufficient)

What metrics would a great Scrum team want to generate and track the trend? Is the  necessary and sufficient set of metrics just velocity?  No - I don't think that is enough.  Can you help me define a short list of metrics, and the reasons for tracking them? First let's lay out some ground rules.  Who is responsible for generating the metrics?  Are all metrics treated the same, e.g. should each metric have the same visibility?  I'll state the the team is responsible for generating the metrics.  This ensures that the metric has some minimun level of veracity.  When the team believes that the metric does not tell the truth, they should make that visible and change how it is generated.  This is process improvement.  However not all metrics need be treated the same.  Some should be published, some could stay internal to the team.  As the level of trust and autonomy of the team increases the visibility of metrics should naturally become more transparent. Here's a roug

Results Oriented Web Conference - April 12 - Dallas

I am speaking at an upcoming conference on April 12 in Dallas, titled: ' The Marshmallow Design Challenge ' . The  2nd Annual  Results Oriented Web   Summit focuses on the core disciplines for online success - content, design & user experience (UX), marketing and project management. The conference is organized by community leaders bringing together top experts in their field. I want to personally invite you to this unique event by offering you a 50% off discount code that is good until Friday, March 15. Go to   and use the code ROWFRIEND .

Which Agile Process Should You Choose?

There are many processes that will help you achieve Agility. How will you select one that is best for you? Agile is not a process; it is a philosophy.  It's a philosophy that describes a comparative  value system and a set of 12 principles  designed to discover better ways of developing products. There are many agile embracing processes or process frameworks.  Which will you choose to use?  This will depend upon many factors that are context dependent.  One shoe will not fit all feet - and all feet do not need shoes. On a spectrum from 'prescriptive' to 'adaptive' where do various agile processes fall?  Henrik Kniberg did this analysis for us.  He bases his measurement on the number of 'rules' stated in the process descriptions. For example:  RUP 120 rules; XP 13 rules; Scrum 9 rules; Kanban 3 rules. by Henrik Kniberg This chart provides a high-level view of Agile frameworks on a scale of prescriptiveness to adaptiveness. How many rules do