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Cultivating Collaboration via intense partnerships to solve problems.

Went to Agile Warrior Series   (Jan31, 2018) to visit with about 200+ Warriors in Dallas, TX.  And as the lunch time entertainment I brought some tangram puzzles and we practiced our collaboration skills while eating.  It was a great conference, with Uncle Bob Martin, Clean Coder Blog  delivering a wonderful morning address. And Luke Hohmann , of Conteneo , &  Innovation Games , describing his view of the future of the Agile movement into "frameworks" of collaboration. Also there I saw a MVP of the Scrum Game by Tim & Derek.  This is a great example of the creativity in the Agile community and the deep desire to share knowledge and experiences.    Presented at   AgileGames2016  conference in Boston, April 28, 29th. But  not   Agile2016  - so you can only see it in the  Microsoft NERD center MIT.         I presented this workshop at Agile Camp - Dallas , Oct 19th. DFW Scrum Meeting Aug. 18th 2015 It’s said that two heads are better th