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No MVP without a Customer

I've been around agilist and SW devs that are using the term MVP quite a lot these days.  And when we get deeper into the conversation I learn that the thing there are referring to is not at all an MVP . It's not the box - it is the Star! Perhaps we need a better term.  Perhaps we should define the terms we are using.  Perhaps we should just use the tools we have to find the better term.   Or I could just tell you - the better term is MBI - Minimum Business Increment . Why does MVP not suffice?  Because to have a product one needs a customer that has paid for said product.  And the purpose of the MVP was to learn for actual customers about how they liked our product and if we should change it in any way.  It was also a test of our current business model, and an opportunity to learn about our business model (was it efficient, could we optimize it in some way, etc.). Most MVPs I've discussed with people have no customers - there is no exchange of value.  Therefore t