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Exercise:: Mapping Engineering Practices to Agile Principles

What are the necessary and sufficient engineering practices that an agile team needs to support the Agile Manifesto's 12 principles ? There is no one right answer - yet there are some very common patterns one sees when this exercise is repeated for multiple teams within an organization transitioning to agile software development.  From this analysis one could derive the set of core practices for your agile organization. Exercise ::  Mapping Engineering Principles to Agile Practices   (PDF) by David Koontz Facilitation Guide Set up Print all material, one Agile principle per page (enlarge if you wish). Hang the Agile Manifesto on the wall. Hang the 12 Principles on the wall. Hang the suggested list of Practices on the wall. Have multiple colors of sticky notes & lots of pens/markers. Introduce the Manifesto and the 12 principles Discuss the Agile Manifesto - tell the history - describe what a process is and is not. Is “Agile” is a process?  De

Stress in Speakers at Agile2012

I chatted with a lot of presenters at Agile2012 last week.  So many of them were releived to have been done with their presentations.  I think the conference creates a bit of stress in the speakers. I didn't have any stress as a volunteer.  I helped out with the conference sessions, collected feedback forms, tried to help the speakers right at that most stressful moment, before the first joke and before the audience gets into the topic. I think all the speakers that I saw did a wonderful job.  I volunteered at the experience report and case study stage. These are the non-professional speakers. The nervous energy in the room rises very predictably in these session. So I suggest the speakers take a vacation after this conference - you earned it. Created by:

Agile in a CAN

Wow - look at the number of people that are sponsoring this awesome idea,   Agile in a Can .  Proving once again that crowdsourcing is the 21st century answer to robber-barrons of the 19th century.  Yes - "the 21st century is when it all changes" - Capt. Jack Harkness. You should hurry over to Agile In A Can website to get in on this once in a life time deal. Limited supplies of the active ingredients will make this product more and more valuable into the future.