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Topics for Lunch-N-Learn

Brainstorming a list of topics for a Scrum/Agile lunch-N-learn session. Pair Programming - simulation using Tangrams & Face Drawing  Practices for Daily Standup - review and discuss: It's Not Just Standing Up: Patterns for Daily Standup Meetings Slicing Stories – resources to slice vertical stories of value  Story Writing techniques: w/ Q & A based upon participants real stories  Estimation techniques: Affinity Estimation; T-shirt sizing -> converting to numbers; Planning Poker (the rule book)  Team building tools: Infinite Loops; Helium Stick; Warp Speed; Pair Drawing, etc.  Pair Programming - an introduction via puzzel solving Definition of Done/Ready exercise  Release Planning How to derive duration with a complicated backlog  Agile Library Initiation Bring books, make the rules, get funding, 1,2,3, GO!  Management 3.0 Book Club - join a group reading the best Agile book written.  Making Visual Information Radiators - define Radiator/Cooler