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I offer several typical workshops, that cover many of the needs of newly forming teams and offer customization of these events to meet specific needs of clients when project rescue or team restarts are desired.

Team Launch * 5-day * Workshop

Backlog Grooming Workshop

Delivering Working Tested Software in ONE Sprint Workshop

Product Owner Workshop

Events -- Talks -- Lunch-n-Learn Activities

  • Pair Programming - simulation using Tangrams & Face Drawing 
  • Practices for Daily Standup - practice, review and discuss
  • Slicing Stories – resources to slice vertical stories of value 
  • Story Writing techniques: w/ Q & A based upon participants real stories 
  • Estimation techniques: Affinity Estimation; T-shirt sizing -> converting to numbers; Planning Poker (the rule book) 
  • Team building tools: Infinite Loops; Helium Stick; Warp Speed; Pair Drawing, etc. 
  • Pair Programming - an introduction via puzzle solving
  • Definition of Done/Ready exercise 
  • Release Planning How to derive duration with a complicated backlog 
  • Agile Library Initiation Bring books, make the rules, get funding, 1,2,3, GO! 
  • Management 3.0 Book Club - join a group reading the best Agile book written. 
  • Making Visual Information Radiators - define Radiator/Cooler; elements of a Scrum board 
  • Aspects of an effective Product Backlog 
  • Agile Portfolio Planning - tools and techniques; estimation, cost of delay, prioritization, deciding what NOT to do 
  • The principle of TDD via LEGO building; anyone can learn the power of test-first development 
  • Does your development rest on a SOLID foundation - an overview of the SOLID principles 
  • Collaboration Games to understand the customer; 12 Innovation Games; Other resources 
  • User Story Maps technique to achieve a higher level understanding of the backlog 
  • Launching a Team; what’s required, best practices, examples, and techniques 
  • Team Practices: a collection of quick tools to increase teamwork and collaboration 
  • Learn Backlog Prioritization techniques: Cost of Delay, Perceived ROI, Delivery Order, Gut Feeling, Loudest Yeller 
  • Agile Planning - paradigm changes in planning, the planning flame, release planning, road maps, etc.

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