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Backlog for Team Launch

Here's an exercise for the leadership - expand this simple backlog and track it until the project is completed - the project is to launch a team. Goal:  lauch a new team;  success criteria - doing sprint 1 and releasing a product increment Stories:  -  An "Order" to create team  -  Business to deliver Purpose / Vision for new team  -  Team Roster  -  Team Infrastructure  -  Mutate Wishlist into a Product Backlog (visible to team, sized, prioritized by delivery order)  -  Team Launch Workshop Here is agile42's advice on creating a great team. Here's a video documentary of how one of the Tech Industry's greatest visionary purposely built his next company.  Built from the heart, with passion, because they all wanted to make a difference in the world. I suggest your team watch this video - discuss how they can be like the founders of NeXT.  What similarities does your team have with this team?  Do NOT focus on the differences.  Play the