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User Data Security in Financial App is Lax

What is the state of user data security in the Apple App Store?  I was shocked to find that it is not up to 2020 snuff.  I've been evaluating lots of stock market trading and portfolio tracking apps and web sites over the past weeks.  And now I've discovered I need to add a data security probe to the criteria for each app. I had assumed that an app in the Apple store would need to pass some (unknown to me) form of data security to be allowed in the App Store.  I wonder if I'm just naive and there is no requirement and no review.  Perhaps if I lived in the EU I would have the GDPR to rely upon.  But not here in the good ol' USA. I installed the Stocks Tracker Real-Time Stocks app by Dajax LLC on my iPhone.  I entered several of my stock transactions and tested some of its features.  One feature I'm particularly interested in is the ability to plot my personal buy/sell transactions on the stock's price graph. It seems to me that this feature of plottin

Anyone up for a Game of Life?

John Conway I just read a nice tribute article for John Conway - it set me pondering the ways humans think.  The photograph makes me think John could be Logan's (Wolverine) father. John Conway Solved Mathematical Problems With His Bare Hands I wonder if Conway had a unique thinking process - it appears so.  Yet he was able to explain many problems and solutions quite elegantly.  The article details a few of his elegant solutions. The Game of Life You have most likely heard of his Game of Life . The game of life came up recently in another article I was reading about Physics - Stephen Wolfram describes (for the layperson) a system that may have an ability to describe the fundamental theory of physics many have been searching for.  I question if we will actually know it - when and if - we actually see it. Finally We May Have a Path to the Fundamental Theory of Physics…  and It’s Beautiful So ignore all this background noise for a moment and ponder this ...  ridd

Which Catastrophe are you focused upon?

I live in Texas, it comes with a unique flavor of people - my neighbors.  I was walking Malibu (my golden retriever) and stopped to chat with a neighbor mowing his yard.  I asked about his mower - an 80volt Kobalt electric push mower .  He liked it a lot, was glad he didn't have to store dangerous liquids in his home (gas & oil) and enjoyed the exercise.  I commented that the pollution from small engines was a significant source and that the internal combustion engine used in these tools was still based upon 19th Century technology.  I knew that he was a tech guy with a very large database company.  I was proud of his choice.  Like a true Texican, he remarked that was not his concern - that moving to electric was just moving the source of pollution from one place to another (his lawn to the power plant).  I suggested that that was true AND that the power plant was designed to deal with the pollution.  He ignored that info, I assume he was thinking that our Cheeto In Chief had r

Dialogue on Retooling the Group Collaboration at a Safe Distance

Chatting with an old colleague about the issues we both face with facilitating group learning environments in the post COVID era we decided to broaden the discussion to learn more from other colleagues in similar predicaments. Event RSVP   -  Friday 2020/Apr/17 @ 2pm CT via Zoom Tom Perry described the proposed event as: In the pandemic era is the agile age of face-to-face communication over? Are post-it notes a thing of the past? How will we re-tool for this brave new world? Or perhaps we should just wait it out and get back to our task boards? Join us for this lively Lean Coffee and tell us where you stand! We are thinking it will start as a Lean Coffee event. .. and what it leads to... we are prepared to be surprised! Join us! David's pre-event Notes & Thoughts Tom Wujec:  Got a wicked problem?  First, tell me how to make Toast.  TED Talk Discusses the need for collaboration in resolving "wicked problems" and the need for decomposition a

NovoResume Review: Will the Real Resume Please Step Forward

Do you despise updating your resume as much as I do? Are you still waiting for an XML Resume standard such that you can publish the data of your job history and allow all the recruiters to format the data however they wish?  Right - a bot could do that job. Yeah, me too.  I've wondered why the old 19th Century technique of writing a resume still persists.  I've only ONCE applied for a job that did NOT allow a resume upload.  It wanted a LinkedIn URL and a few other bits of data.  I double-checked... nope, no place to upload a 19th C. letter stating all my wonderful qualities.  That's one out of a couple of thousand applications.  One company that had made it to the 21st Century. Since I've been searching for my next team ...  I've updated my tired ol' 19th Century paper resume to an online modern tool... it's sexy and cool.  All the kids are doing it.  Come along with me and let's try out NovoResume . This is a really nice and enjoyable user exp