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Collaboration Tools List

Here's my online collaboration tools list.  It is an ever growing and contracting list.  I'd love to collaborate with you on this list - leave a comment with your best tool.

Tools for collaboration on documents:  Google Docs - Apple's Pages, Numbers, KeyNote etc.  collaborative platform for online technology interviews (code & run) - a better form of brainstorming (removes first in list bias) a JavaScript development (IDE) collaboration tool on the web enables intensive collaboration through a unique color-coding mechanism and linking capability. Collaborative Calculation - a sophisticated web service for online computation; batteries included. This App exists to help you make your words and ideas visible.

Tools for Agile/Scrum/Lean…

AgileFest @ Sabre HQ

I'm working with Charlsi (coaches cat herder) on Sabre Airline Solutions' 2nd annual AgileFest.  It is going to be an awesome day of learning at Sabre HQ.  We have a really great line up of speakers coming in from all over the USA.  Some will come early to give private workshops,  so are staying late, and I hope we will contract with the others to come back and do full day training at Sabre's offices in Southlake, TX.

AgileFest! 2013 Lessons Learned Review

AgileFest! 2013 Planning Group Retrospective

Last year we did a great event (AgilePalooza) with the help of VersionOne.  This year should be just as fun, they are sponsoring the Mix and Mingle after party.  If there is one thing I've learned going to Agile conferences it's that if one wants to have a fun time, they should find out where the VersionOne people are hanging out!

Where will You Find Your Next Agile Developer?

CarreerBuilder and Yoh Consulting have release a study of the Agile developer market place.  They find a 5:1 ratio between agile job postings and developers seeking a new job.

So given this skills gap - where will you find your next Agile developer?  Do you have a system in place to grow your own.  Are you nurturing the ones you have?  Is your attrition rate above acceptable limits because your project are stressful?

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