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The Swift Dojo - my newest venture

    I have embarked on a new venture,... writing about my journey of learning Swift, the iOS platform and the Apple Ecosystem. Part of this new venture is working with an old friend and colleague Lancer Kind - a Sci-Fi writer, developer of TDD code, and fun guy to hang out with.  He's refreshing my rusty skills as a Test-First Enthustictic Code Designer... and keeping me honest about the TDD practice.  He is the founder of TDD.Academy and has a Twitch.TV  (and a YouTube channel ) stream. We are broadcasting our Baseball Scorecard iOS App development on Fridays 5:30 CT.  You can read more about it on  (we don't have a cool logo yet). Last Friday (Nov 20th) we had a good show... got the first few tests with ViewInspector working and understood.  ViewInspector is a library tool for testing the SwiftUI views quickly without having to spin up a simulator and navigate the UI into the code under test.  Instead of the UI navigation you implement the Inspection protoco