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I want it all, but don't change my connectors

People just don't like change.  Case in point, all the hubbub over the new iPhone 5 lightening adapter plug.  So many people are upset that the connector is changing from the 9 year old iPod 30 pin adaptor to the new lightning adaptor.  Yet at the same time the iPhone 5 pre-orders have record sells ( 2 million in first 24 hrs ). Why did Apple force this change on it's loyal customer base?  Dont they know we humans don't adapt well to changes.  Oh yes, we want the new shinny iPhone but we want it to stay the same AND get better. Maybe this picture will give you a clue as to why Apple changed the connector. It shows a typical iPhone and it's 30 pin connector, with a Raspberry Pi.  The Raspberry Pi is a full fledged computer on a board.  Take a look at the board and the most obvious thing is all the connectors.  The interface connections are the largest things.  They occupy the most space. Raspberry Pi & iPhone compared The reason for the change?  So that A

Best T-shirt at Agile 2012

What was your favorite T-shirt seen at the  Agile 2012  conference? One awesome t-shirt was seen on Adam Yuret @AdamYuret . Ninja + Rockstar != Teamwork. Ninja + Rockstar != Teamwork tshirt In his article the Myth of the Rockstar Programmer , Scott Hanselman lays out these definitions: Junior Engineer - Creates complex solutions to simple problems. Engineer - Creates simple solutions to simple problems. Senior Engineer - Creates simple solutions to complex problems. Rockstar Engineer - Makes complex problems  disappear . Speaking of t-shirts; his graphic would go very well on a t-shirt wouldn't it?  Well, I created one very similar a few months ago.   Obviously there is an I in TEAM! t-shirt - buy one now on Zazzle . Buy it on Zazzle - NOW! This is the best t-shirt give away I received, the Tasty Cupcakes  Got Game? t-shirt. See Also:   Best t-shirt at Agile 2011

Exercise:: Pair Chess Game

Some years ago I designed this exercise for a Pair Programming simulation using the media of the game of chess.  The idea was to have a pair on each side of the board, they would work together to finish a famous game against their opponents (a pair also). I never used the exercise because the developers I was working with didn't know the game of chess, and didn't seem interested in the simulation.   If you use this please let me know how it works out. Garry Kasparov (White) vs X3D Fritz Computer (Black) Man-Machine World Chess Championship 2003 Game 1 (after 31 ... Bxa2) White to move Instructor material for Chess Game Pairing Exercise Required Materials Chess board and pieces (one per 4 students) Timers (optional) Diagram of an in-progress chess game(s) (attached) Introduce the Exercise Pair programming is generally thought of as an XP (extreme programming) practice.  In true Agile form we are borrowing a practice that has