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Arena of Done - a Guide on Mind Settler platform

I'm talking a lot about the Definition of Ready and Done in the month of February, 2018.  I sense a trend... wonder what I'm getting ready for....

I helped a smidgen with Marijn van der Zee Arena of Done guides on the Mind Settler's platform (Get the Android App).

Here are the Web versions.

Preparing for the Arena of Done guide.
Arena of Done guide.

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Definition of Done - the Ty variant

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Recent posts

Positive Deviance Snooper Goggles

I'm suffering from a prodigious cognitive dissonance - started a new gig with a company that's renown for their process, written up as the exemplar for Lean, has given us so many of the practices that underly the Agile mindset, etc.  and they really NEED some Agile coaching... they need it bad.

My personal coach has suggested I get a pair of Appreciative Inquiry/Positive Deviance Snooper goggles.  He's suggested this leather/brass PDS-12 model.

But they look a bit tip heavy for the headband - I assume they are design to be worn on a hard hat.

I'm liking this model...

But for a little bit more gold, I could get a scope... with better temporal resolution.

So - what do you think?

Definition of Done - the Ty varaint

Every time I meet Ty Crockett at an event he shakes my hand and mentions how many people he's helped to understand their team's Definition of Done or Ready using the card deck I create some years back.  He's not bragging (but he should be) he's thanking me.  But the fun thing is that Ty has evolved a better practice than I did.  Maybe it's the repetition and small variations that has lead to the improvement.  Yeah - I think that's it.

I may get this wrong ... but Ty's variation goes some thing like this...

Start with a big board. Divided into 3 sections.  Introduce the concept of Brainstorming... Add dividers to talk about how to organize the outputs of the brainstorm. 
I usually print out DoD cards but do not show them to the team until we have a discussion on the types of things they need to consider. For example: Here is a section out of the PSM course that I always ask teams to consider…

They create their own cards and ideas (on sticky notes). Ty brings out…

Webinar: Collaboration at Scale: Defining Done, Ready, and NO.

I was invited to participate in a Scrum Alliance Webinar.  Maybe you would like to listen to us in a discussion of techniques to collaborate at scale (remotely and with many people).  The topic is one that I've got some experience in discussions - yet I never seem to get to done...
Collaboration at Scale: Defining Done and Ready and NO for Distributed Teams
With Joel Bancroft-Connors, Agile Organizational Coach; David A. Koontz, Agile Transition Guide; and Luke Hohmann, CEO and Founder of Conteneo, Inc.

14 February 2018 11 a.m. ET (USA).

The Scrum Guide is pretty clear on the criticality of the definition of Done: "When a Product Backlog item or an Increment is described as "Done," everyone must understand what "Done" means. However, the Scrum Guide ALSO says that the definition of Done can "vary significantly per Scrum Team." This leads us to examine when and how the definition of Done should vary, how distributed teams should cr…

Is there only ONE "right" triangle?

I've been a fan of Triangle Man for some time... Then the other day... years, and decides later I saw this Hugh Lieber art work.

And once again I fell for Triangle Man.  And that got me thinking of the 3-4-5 right triangle... When I think of right triangles - it's the one I imagine...  although I spent many years using the classic drafting 30-60 degree triangle.

And then this sound track starts in the back of my mind...

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS Particle Man (Tiny Tunes) Lyrics Particle man, particle man
Doing the things a particle can
What's he like? It's not important
Particle man Is he a dot, or is he a speck?
When he's underwater does he get wet?
Or does the water get him instead?
Nobody knows, Particle man Triangle man, Triangle man
Triangle man hates particle man
They have a fight, Triangle wins
Triangle man Universe man, Universe man
Size of the entire universe man
Usually kind to smaller man
Universe man He's got a watch with a minute hand,
Millennium hand and an eon han…

A T-Shaped 21st Century Knowledge Worker

Knowledge workers in the 21st Century must have many areas of deep knowledge, while also be capable of collaboration across multiple other domains with dissimilar T-shaped individuals.  This description of a person is a metaphor.  Compare it to the shape of the "I" in the classic saying there is no "I" in Team.

I first read about Scott Ambler's term "Generalizing Specialist" - but it's so hard to remember the proper order of the words... get it backwards and it has an inverted meaning... T-Shaped is easier to remember. 
A generalizing specialist is someone who:
Has one or more technical specialties (e.g. Java programming, Project Management, Database Administration, ...). Has at least a general knowledge of software development. Has at least a general knowledge of the business domain in which they work. Actively seeks to gain new skills in both their existing specialties as well as in other areas, including both technical and domain areas.  General…

A FAILURE to Communicate

I was working with a failing team some time ago.  I use "failing" to describe the outcome of the team - not the people on the team.  Are you OK with that description?

An issue arrose in the stand up - a team member that was to verify the quality of a procedure did so and reported that there were a few records that didn't match expectation in the data set.  Upon inquire the number of records not matching was over 2000.  Most people acknowledged immediately the exaggeration - I could tell by the laughter.  After about 10 minutes of discussing the details of the problem - it appeared the team had a handle on the specific situation.

I stopped the discussion and inquired if they could name the impediment.  One team member did a great job of describing the impediment as a _communication gap_.  Wonderful - I could work with that - the problem had a name and it didn't include anyones Proper Name.

"If the problem has a first name; we are going to have a problem."