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10 Ideas for Better Certification

I received this letter from  Jurgen Appelo and thought it might be worth posting here as an example of good criticism and taking action, rather than just complaining.  Yes, there is a  call-to-action   down near the bottom. Dear David, In the Lean-Agile community,  there is a ton of criticism on the topic of certification . Most certificates have little meaning, prove nothing, empty your wallet, and are little more than nasty money-making schemes of savvy certification bodies. At least, that is the sentiment that I usually hear when I bring up the topic. I believe it’s worth trying to do better. 1. Accomplishments One reason for improving upon the idea of certification is that many people find the motivational aspect of certificates to be a positive thing. Human beings crave recognition.  We all want to feel appreciated for the work we do and the successes we have achieved . Badges, awards, trophies, and certificates are standard techniques for signaling accomplishments. When im