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No Problem: Our ScrumMaster was Kidnapped

 Years ago there was a pattern in the Scrum community - loosely call "Kidnapp the ScrumMaster" - I googled and didn't easily find it - so here the reason this is a good practice . In general I am not talking about kidnap and ransom... I'm talking about agreeing with the ScrumMaster before the daily Scrum that they have an important personal errand and they just disappear for 30 minutes, with no warning, no preparedness, nothing - just gone! Then observing the team, from a distance - do not take over any of the duties of "DRIVING THE MEETING" (yuck) do not step in and facilitate.  The objective is to see the team, wait a few minutes and then start their daily Scrum meeting without missing a beat. If this can happen for the SM it could happen to any Team Member.  Feel empowered to kidnap other Team's players from time to time to test the resiliency of the teams.   I suggest once a month all the SM meet at the local coffee bar to have a group kidnapping.

Fascinating Brains - beyond the tool-making brain.

 Here is the set up of the classic joke: A human brain, a dolphin brain, a octopus brain, and an  ant brain walk in to a bar.... Well that will not happen... but 4 diverse experts studying those creatures brains did walk into an interview and this is what came out of it. "Redefine 'Man',  redefine 'Tool', or accept chimpanzees as human." -    Louis Leakey PARTICIPANTS: Simon Garnier, Suzana Herculano-Houzel, Frank Grasso, Denise Herzing MODERATOR: Faith Salie