Thursday, September 17, 2009

Single Payer Health Care will Work

Health Care Reform

Here's why I want a ONE payer system. Just got a BCBS statement (explanation of benefits - wait for it, we will come back for this). It was for a general checkup, I got a tetanus shot (they really push them - like drugs) and a small 'skin-tag' removed from my underarm.

Office visit $221
Preventive Service $242
Surgery-Skin tag removal $176

on the second statement - completely separate envelope for the same visit:

Drugs $65
Vaccine Admin $30
Treatment Room $120
Laboratory $12
Laboratory $74
Laboratory $22
Laboratory $43

Yep that explains it!

Would any reasonable person believe that being charged an office visit and a treatment room for the same visit is NOT redundant double billing. A phone call to the provider Virginia Mason assures me that this is standard procedure.

So how does the double speak of EXPLANATION of BENEFITS sound now? I'm confused, and just believe that a single payer system will make my life better! Sure a lot of insurance claims admin people will lose there jobs - but they are really smart can work computer systems like no-body's business - they can find another job.
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