Saturday, October 10, 2009

Innovation is the new Black

Color theory tells us that wearing black will make us look thinner. I believe that businesses will now be wearing Innovation to make them appear Leaner.
Color Theory 101

I read the "Change by Design" article by Tim Brown in Business Week. Tim is CEO of IDEO a design firm. In the article he describes the process used to redesign Kaiser Permanete's nursing practices. A collaborative practice rather than telling them how to change, the consultants taught the nurses, doctors, administrators, union representatives, and technology experts how to design. By leading them in exercises and redesign workshops. This lead to innovations only possible by insider improvements. An example was the nursing shift change. Using rapid prototypes built in one week and a collaborative approach that included the patients inputs about important details, the measured improvement cut in half the time to bring a new shift up to speed.

Business Week - Oct 5 2009 p.54-56
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