Monday, December 7, 2009

The Universe - by the numbers

The Universe appears to be quite old but for some reason the really interesting things happened at either end of the arrow of time.  Being a fan of This Is Indexed I though I would try one myself - nope not funny.
Everything interesting happens at the ends of time.

      Age (years)
13,700,000,000     Universe
 4,600,000,000      Solar system
 4,570,000,000      Sun
 4,540,000,000      Earth

   530,000,000      The Cambrian explosion

       2,500,000      Stone Age (begins)
           15,000       Domestication of dog, cow, pig, etc.
           10,000       Argicultural revelotion
             5,300       Bronze Age (begins)

                230       Industrial Revolution (begins)

                 47       me
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