Sunday, November 14, 2010

Agile tools for your iPhone/iPad

There is an App for that, but are they any good for helping with your Agile software team?

Here are a few iOS apps I have on my iPhone.  I'm not sure they are going to replace the sticky notes and a whiteboard.

Clock Pro - it has a multi-city world clock for visualizing timezone differences.  Great for those dis-located teams.

Agilely Timer - a clock timer for scrum meetings and round table discussions.

User Stories - a backlog management tool for user stories with estimates & priority.

Game Storming - a set of exercises (game if you wish) that create synergy in groups and discover knowledge.

Scrum Cards - estimation cards and cheat sheets for process.

LeanKit - a Kanban tool, integrates with the web tool LeanKit Kanban.

Whiteboard Capture Pro - whiteboard photo capture post processing.

Processed Image           Original Image
Whiteboard Share - another photo processing tool - this one integrates with Evernote.

Microsoft's Photosynth - a spherical panorama capture tool which integrates with site.

There are many other tools on the App Store, which ones have you found useful? Please comment and let me know.
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