Sunday, April 15, 2012

Product Owner Scrum Immersion Workshop

Pictures from a recent Product Owner Scrum Immersion workshop.
Agenda for Scrum Immersion workshop

Here are some Panoramas of the simulated sprints (also see photosynths).

what do you want to get out of a Scrum adoption by the team?

Scrum Immersion simulation roadmap
What we learned at the Global Sales Conference

Clients - Wish list (that's not a backlog)

Management "launches" a new team

Project plan - simulation of 2 product releases

What is Agile Release Planning
Release Planning - a simulation
Product Backlog (has Size & ranked for business value delivery)

Sprint Planning (the What & the How)

Sprint 1 - Bootstrap team's capacity to forecast unknown velocity

A schematic of a 5 min. Simulated Sprint

15 sec. for a simulated Stand-up meeting

The prime directive - DO IT!

5 min. for Simulation Sprint review meetings

2 sprints then Release 1 - demo with Customer feedback

the Rock Stars sprint scorecard

Release 2 - demo to customer - builds upon R1 and feedback

the Mavericks scorecard

Once you start then you can really gather data - but
you have to start first - just do it!

Two teams sprinting on the product backlog.

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