Saturday, April 7, 2012

Recreate to Improve

How frequently do you revise the training that you give people?  I try to change something each time I present.  Purposefully mutate the presentation, then reflect on the outcome.  These are not scientific experiments, more intuition based  learning - which I believe is very worth while.  So one technique that helps me to change the presentation is to not use computer generated slides (Power Point).

With slide decks - one may change an individual slide an assess if it was better or worse; however when one creates unique artifact each time it will naturally mutate.  Some times for the better, sometimes for simplicity, and at times for the worst.  Yet with a flip chart artifact, if it is unclear, you can just pull out a marker and fix it in real-time.  And you may learn what will improve the artifact the next time you use it.

Some people don't like the high amount of time required to create posters for a course each time.  Yet it is a great time to think about the class.  I believe this preview of the event to come is a great form of future visioning.  It is a practice session, much like an olympic athlete that visions their event going well minutes before they start.

Here's a MS Photosynth of a training with lots of custom posters.  They get a little better each time.  I encourage you to try this technique.

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