Saturday, September 8, 2012

Best T-shirt at Agile 2012

What was your favorite T-shirt seen at the Agile 2012 conference?

One awesome t-shirt was seen on Adam Yuret @AdamYuret.

Ninja + Rockstar != Teamwork.
Ninja + Rockstar != Teamwork tshirt
In his article the Myth of the Rockstar Programmer, Scott Hanselman lays out these definitions:
  • Junior Engineer - Creates complex solutions to simple problems.
  • Engineer - Creates simple solutions to simple problems.
  • Senior Engineer - Creates simple solutions to complex problems.
  • Rockstar Engineer - Makes complex problems disappear.
Speaking of t-shirts; his graphic would go very well on a t-shirt wouldn't it?  Well, I created one very similar a few months ago.   Obviously there is an I in TEAM! t-shirt - buy one now on Zazzle.
Buy it on Zazzle - NOW!

This is the best t-shirt give away I received, the Tasty Cupcakes Got Game? t-shirt.

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