Saturday, February 23, 2013

Collaboration Tools List

Here's my online collaboration tools list.  It is an ever growing and contracting list.  I'd love to collaborate with you on this list - leave a comment with your best tool.

Tools for collaboration on documents:  Google Docs - Apple's Pages, Numbers, KeyNote etc.  collaborative platform for online technology interviews (code & run) - a better form of brainstorming (removes first in list bias) a JavaScript development (IDE) collaboration tool on the web enables intensive collaboration through a unique color-coding mechanism and linking capability.

Tools for Agile/Scrum/Lean/Kanban online tool for planning a retrospective's activities online tool for Scrum Retrospectives with dislocated teams online tool for playing Planning Poker (works well w/ distributed teams) another tool for Planning Poker a planning poker plug-in for google Hangouts or HipChat velocity calculator, theme screening, project success sliders - a virtual Kanban board  online dot voting tool
Fifty ways to Improve Stories - MindMap

Card Sorting Tools
Conteneo Collaboration Cloud (Innovation Games) - Speedboat, Prune the Product Tree, etc.
Cardboard Story Mapping tool
Retrium a Retrospective tool - virtualization of multiple Retro techniques - great interface

ScatterSpoke - a retro tool with only one activity - along with +1 voting on items
BoardThing - a virtual shared cork board, includes features like grouping into list and dot voting on items

Tools for audience polling embed live poll reporting (via text, and web site)

Tools for Tele-presense and Dis-located Teams
Kube - $500 desktop remote presence device
Beam Pro - telepresence robot (starting at $2000)
Zoom - video conference tool (also iPad screen sharing tool)
Team collaboration tool  Squiggle
A tool designed for the distributed team Sococo  a simulated room environment
Tools for Pair Programming and the like  - confessional debugging tool - talk to the duckie - a place to practice programming

Tools for Data Analytics and Dashboards rotating dashboards for wall mounted displays live world map of internet attacks

Tools for marking up comments and sharing files:  integrating with G+ Hangouts

Tools for Creative workflow:

Tools for Inspection and Testing: - find your local & public IP address Inspect your browser's resolution

Tools for web site markup and critique:

Tools for web site interaction simulation:  - bandwidth limiter (how does a slow connection preceive your site?)

Tools for social usability testing web sites:

Developer Tools  Learn about the tech stack behind some of the world's best software companies.  Powerful collaboration, code review, and code management for open source and private projects. Don't waste time maintaining your local CI server. Let Codeship take care of testing and deploying your apps.

Tools for Paper Prototyping - Mock ups - Wireframes:  prototype web sites & apps design is about solving problems

Timezone, Date Calculator etc.  email reminder service; Ex:  schedule meetings - find the best time

Online Whiteboards:

Mail Tools
TinyLetter - personal elegant way for people to send letters to their friends, fans and followers. - strips email attachments and versions them in cloud storage

Mind Mapping Online:
mind mapping the Hashtag universe:

Online Screen Sharing:

Group Task Management:

Social Media Management Tools:

Enterprise Social Networks:

Social Media Presence - Online Resume - Personal Landing Page - a personal landing page - a unified web presence landing page - resume building service - online - partnered with LinkedIN to provide visualization of your profile  - not just a visual resume; may link to your traditional resume - online marketing of yourself - add credibility to your course work or portfolio

Organization Chart tools:
PingBoard - org chart

Data Visualization Tools: view a world map scaled by global aspects (GDP, etc.) a tool set for creating Dashboards

Online Learning Centers - Jailbreaking the College Degree - track learning because ( education != learning ) - MOOC  Learn by Doing:  Ruby, Rails, jQuery, AngularJS, etc  Practice your coding skills with multiplayer programming games

Not on the list - add a comment with your favorite tool for collaboration.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

AgileFest @ Sabre HQ

I'm working with Charlsi (coaches cat herder) on Sabre Airline Solutions' 2nd annual AgileFest.  It is going to be an awesome day of learning at Sabre HQ.  We have a really great line up of speakers coming in from all over the USA.  Some will come early to give private workshops,  so are staying late, and I hope we will contract with the others to come back and do full day training at Sabre's offices in Southlake, TX.

Event Schedule
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AgileFest Quotes
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AgileFest Quotes - page 2
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Individual Session Feedback
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Individual Session Feedback
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AgileFest! 2013 Lessons Learned Review

AgileFest! 2013 Planning Group Retrospective

Last year we did a great event (AgilePalooza) with the help of VersionOne.  This year should be just as fun, they are sponsoring the Mix and Mingle after party.  If there is one thing I've learned going to Agile conferences it's that if one wants to have a fun time, they should find out where the VersionOne people are hanging out!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Where will You Find Your Next Agile Developer?

CarreerBuilder and Yoh Consulting have release a study of the Agile developer market place.  They find a 5:1 ratio between agile job postings and developers seeking a new job.
Agile Scout - Yoh - info graphic

So given this skills gap - where will you find your next Agile developer?  Do you have a system in place to grow your own.  Are you nurturing the ones you have?  Is your attrition rate above acceptable limits because your project are stressful?

Get the report