Saturday, February 23, 2013

Collaboration Tools List

Here's my online collaboration tools list.  It is an ever growing and contracting list.  I'd love to collaborate with you on this list - leave a comment with your best tool.

Tools for collaboration on documents:  Google Docs  collaborative platform for online technology interviews (code & run) - a better form of brainstorming (removes first in list bias)
Tools for Pair Programming and the like  - confessional debugging tool - talk to the duckie

Tools for Data Analytics and Dashboards rotating dashboards for wall mounted displays

Tools for marking up comments and sharing files:  integrating with G+ Hangouts

Tools for web site markup and critique:

Tools for social usability testing web sites:

Tools for Paper Prototyping - Mock ups - Wireframes:

Timezone, Date Calculator etc.  email reminder service; Ex:
Online Whiteboards:

Mail Tools
TinyLetter - personal elegant way for people to send letters to their friends, fans and followers.

Mind Mapping Online:

Online Screen Sharing:

Group Task Management:

Social Media Management Tools:

Enterprise Social Networks:

Data Visualization Tools:

Not on the list - add a comment with your favorite tool for collaboration.

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