Monday, June 20, 2011

I should have patented the design

MacWorld just ran an article with this new iPad telephoto lens adapter.

The Super Gear Telescope 6x Zoom For Apple iPad 2. 

I knew I should have patented my earlier design.

I’ve been taking all my pictures with this new lens and camera combination for the iPhone.  The image quality is great from edge to edge and the telephoto zoom allows image reach from Illahee, WA to Ketchikan, AK.

iDuct Systems EF mounting hardware

The Canon 100 - 400 F IS zoom lens is mounted to the iPhone with iDuct Systems custom hardware ($8.97 at Ace Hardware).
Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS
L-series super telephoto zoom lens equipped with an Image Stabilizer. The fluorite and Super UD-glass elements largely eliminate secondary spectrum. The floating system also ensures high picture quality at all focal lengths. The Image Stabilizer has two modes and it is compatible with Extenders 1.4x II and 2x II.

I should have patented the design.

Update:  You could pay $250 for an expensive solution.

The iPhone 4 SLR Mount at the Photojojo Store!

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