Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shared Scrum Immersion Workshop - Increased Feedback

Sharing is a FUN way to learn!  And play is the context for the brains most creative moments of learning.

Reading "Gamestorming" (book by Gray, Brown, Macanufo)  this morning and reflecting on last weeks sharing of techniques and ideas of a Scrum immersion workshop with my colleagues.  We had great conversations on various topics in launching teams on Scrum sprints.  One important piece of the week for me was to iterate on exercises in real time, with people that could both play a game and then "go meta" and discuss the game from a game design aspect.

The workshop's Meta-Backlog, a list of topics to cover, both to learn Scrum and to do work preparing the team to sprint (photosynth panorama of meta-backlog).

Here's a Photosynth panorama (it's a flat whiteboard mapped to 360 degrees) of the Team's Work Product wall.

There were many opportunities to learn and iterate on exercises. One great moment was in debriefing the exercise to 'Map Engineering Practices to the Agile Principles' the group had created a new dimension to the map. When a practice did not directly influence a principle but had an indirect supporting relationship the practice was placed below the principle's 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Later after 5 - 10 minutes of discussion and mock-ups we had iterated from a target graphic to multiple papers per principle. (I'll make pictures to illustrate this & the technique of immediate feedback of game design).
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