Sunday, August 21, 2011

Interactive Whiteboard remote via iPad

One hot topic in education circles this fall is using the iPad as an interactive whiteboard.

Oh - the days of teacher's pets getting to clean the blackboard erasers are long gone.

An interactive electronic whiteboard is a very expensive piece of equipment.  But with modern hardware we have seen the price point drop dramatically.  With a bit of hacking and mash-up skills the do-it-yourselfer can create a comparable system for $30 - $100.

Perhaps one of the first mash-ups was Johnny Chung Lee's Wii Remote Whiteboard software.

Now the iPad has gotten into the mash-up game.  Using various software tools one can share a Mac/PC whiteboard program and then use the iPad as a second visual screen that is remote and a user input device.  The portability of the iPad lends itself to the classroom where the students may interact with the projected (or large screen) image in real time.

With iOS 5 coming this fall, Apple will update Air Play, allowing any iPad display to be shared with another display (via Air Play & Apple TV).

For one case study see "iPad as an Interactive White Board for $5 or $10" by .
Or see iPads in Education web site.

Some of the related tools are: Air DisplayDoceri, eNote Taker, Ink2Go, ShowMe, ScreenChompSplashtop, Replay Note
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