Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another Info-Cooler bites the dust.

Built another Scrum task board today for a team.  I first described it on the whiteboard, and a bit about how it worked, how we could choose vertical story and status columns or horizontal - gave them the choice.  We could start with the simplest thing that might work - 3 states (ToDo, In process, Done) and add states if needed (another choice). 
The simplest thing that could possible work.
A Scrum task board (ToDo, In Process, Done).
Tasks flow down the page.

I gave my standard disclaimer - the first version was going to be designed to be thrown away - so bad that they would have to re-do it to make it better.  That's a trick I've learned to sell them ownership of their board.  After a few mock examples on the whiteboard they were getting restless and wanted action.  They bought it.  Sold!

After 6 flip charts got pasted to the wall (3 h. x 2 v.) and a bit of labels and lines - we ran some examples of what it might look like with Story stickies and Task stickies.  Then we played a simulation standup for a few simulated days.  The simulation worked wonderfully.  They got into the make-believe and started adding to the Improv.  I was switching hats - Coach... ScrumMaster... Team Member with a really bad performance record on a task.  They improv-ed some situations and  one or two really great question later we had a team that was going to learn Scrum the old fassion way - by doing it.  No powerpoints, no death by bullet points, just good old Polish hard work and positive attitude.

I did pull out one acronym and we talked about homonyms (I'm from the south so my dialect allows me to pronounce 'pen' == 'pin' - but they are Polish and it all sounds English to them).

T - those
A - awesome
S - stickies
K - keep
S - Sliding to DONE!

That's as close to a slide as we got.

Sorry Rally/VersionOne/etc. - that's a three person team that is not going to use your Information Cooler.

Video at 11.

Queen - Another One Bites the Dust. 

Scrum Task board loaded and in action.
A Polish Impediments list on the right wall.
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