Monday, June 17, 2013

5 Keys to Scrum Adoption

I don't think 5 keys need to be ordered.  I've narrowed down a long list of keys, these are the ones that floated to the top.  So these are not in order of importance or steps in adoption; no, you have to do all of these at the same time.

  • Everyone is responsible for teamwork.
  • A culture of experimentation, reflection and learning.
  • Define multiple rhythms - stick to the beat.  Pay attention to the syncopations.
  • Visualize your work - all of it, and in multiple ways (task boards, diagrams, UML, reports, alarms).
  • Get a Product Owner that wants to play ball in the Scrum mentality - or don't even start.

I may expand upon the meaning of these bullet points later.

What do you think is key for a new organizations Scrum adoption?

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