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Imposing Process is a Known Failure of Agile

 Where do you stand on the imposition of a process upon the workers doing the work?

Is this Imposition OK in the Agile community?  Well, yes if one observers the work in enough work places it becomes quite obvious that this is common practice, and done by the most Agile of the change initiatives.

But have YOU stopped to question this practice of imposition?

Martin Fowler - Where we (the agile community) are in 2018 - 3 main topics (AIC Imposing Process, Technical Excellence, Organize around Products) at Agile Ausis (2018).  "It sounds like success." 

"Individuals and Interactions over Process and Tools" - "The team chooses its own path."  "And it goes further than that..."  "the team should not just choose the process, but they should be actively encouraged to continue to evolve it and change it as they go..." (7 minutes into talk).