Friday, May 6, 2011

Tools for Collaboration in Remote & Distributed Teams

I'm researching tools for collaboration.  I'm a firm believer that the best tool for collaboration weighs in at about 3 lbs, is made of 100 billion neurons and consumes 20% of the energy your body uses.  This tool uses other tools like that mouth of yours and the big ears on the side of your head to communicate.  Along with those tools it uses the facial muscles to form expressions that are interpreted by other 3 pound blobs.  All of which gets synthesized into a cognitive mental model.
diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) measurement of a human brain.

All these other tools are substandard replacements for pieces of the above ecosystem of collaboration in a face-to-face manner.  But let's take a look at some of them anyway.

One very interesting tools is Mind Mapping in a collaborative tool.  Follow the rules of brainstroming and this tool may rock your next retrospective.

Here's a list of tools for collaboration and many other things related to knowledge work.

One of my favorite tools is  a virtual 3x5 card wall which allows concurrent creation of index cards and placement on the wall.  Very useful for retrospectives with remote teams.
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