Thursday, February 13, 2014

Scary and Exciting - Emotion Tracking

This tech is so exciting it scares me... tapping into human emotions.... the feedback loops that could be developed.... the opportunities to learn....  endless!

Affectiva, a startup, is announcing the launch of its mobile software development kit (SDK) for tracking emotions.

"The company says it can analyze a user’s emotions by tracking their facial expressions, and it uses that technology to measure the effectiveness of ads. With the new SDK, mobile developers will be able to add these capabilities to their apps as well." -- TechCrunch Anthony Ha

"This means Affectiva’s technology could be embedded into consumer products — a spokesperson suggested via email that the possibilities include healthcare, education, and gaming apps."  -- TechCrunch Anthony Ha

See  -- TechCrunch Anthony Ha article

How could we use this tech (SDK) to nurture better teams?  Reinforce positive sharing and interaction behaviors for a group of people (geeks) that love to interact with the confuser (mobile or desktop) but may be on the light-gray end of the autism spectrum?

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