Saturday, August 6, 2011

8 reasons to buy an iPad for your team room.

Will you buy an iPad?  That was the question in March 2010.  Here is the answer - iPad sales over 14 months.
8 reasons to buy an iPad for your team room.

  1. Easy to carry to meeting (compared to laptop and power supply).
  2. Makes a person look smart compared to the person with the laptop, power supply, wired mouse, wired web cam that needs to get up and walk around the conference table to get a close-up shot of the white board.
  3. Apps that are designed to work instantly and quickly give the information you need without minutes of drill-down menu clicking and searching.
  4. Instant on (compared to opening a laptop that has its lid shut - because shutting the lid is a sign that you are present and paying attention to the meeting).
  5. Early adopters have acted - now you can hop on the bandwagon.
  6. Smiles on team members face's is a sign of a performing team.
  7. Have a need - there is an App for that, 65000 of them.
  8. Facetime - video calls that just work.  And with iOS5 sync to the big screen in a team room with a few touches (AirPlay -> Apple TV).

Here's a developer preview iOS 5 running on the iPad and Apple TV to do just that - share what ever is on the iPad with the TV big screen.  This could include the FaceTime call with the remote team.

by CNETTV on Aug 4, 2011

Want to connect remote Agile teams?  I suggest you buy an iPad 2 for each team location.  Use it as the video conference system - cost $1000 (2 wifi iPads).  Benefit - instant easy access to the members of the other team via a shared video conference system that is portable, easy to setup, easy to use, gives high quality images.  And does more than just video - it becomes a communication tool. 

I mentioned this to a colleague and he suggested that if one could link the FaceTime video on the iPad 2 with Apple TV via the AirPlay protocol then one would have an awesome video conference tool.  Imagine the easy of use with two remote locations using iPads with FaceTime chatting and the ability to put the remote video on the big screen (Apple TV large screen TV or projector).

Last year Apple had not enabled this video sharing over AirPlay... yet.  But I've asked for it.  And now with iOS 5, Apple is delivering.  That is innovation.

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