Thursday, January 6, 2011

Build Fruity Logo - Story Exercise

Here's a fun exercise for an Agile training. Build a Fruity Logo.

The story is to build a logo (new or well known) from the source material to be supplied.

First have the team estimate the story in Story Points. Give no hints of the materials to be supplied.

Then after some time go to Sprint Planning where the story to be considered is the logo. Have the PO discuss the story of building a logo. The team may of course resize the story. At this point the PO will allow the requirement of the logo being constructed from fruit to surface.

Don't allow the team to just get the materials - they should have to estimate what they need in Story - Tasking. Perhaps they may discover during the Spring needs - these become impediments and my be provided (may not - discretion of facilitator).

Team the start the Sprint. Constructs the logo from the fruit provided.

Product Review & Retrospective (debrief).

Materials: Example logos to choose from, Fruit many types, Cutting boards, Knives, Paper towels, Bowls, Plate or Tray.

Here is a case study of this exercise - several teams create a fruit salad in a Scrum simulation.  Chef's of Fruit Salad

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