Friday, January 7, 2011

Some fun videos about Agile & Scrum

Just a lose collection of fun/funny and sometime informative videos about Agile / Scrum and software development.
Halloween's MVP (minimal viable pumpkin)

An Agile Law Commercial about how to handle crying in a retrospective.
Agile Law - no crying in retro

Developer abuse.

Automatic build process.

Hit and Run build Breaker.

High Moon Studios – An Agile Game Developer What is Scrum? A group of self-anointed experts on Scrum in game development do their best to avoid answering the question.

Impediment Monkey. Hey, I think I know the impediment monkey!

An Agilist meets a Waterfaller.

Mingle from ThoughtWorks Studios on a Nintendo Wii

Try another way.

5-Steps to Project Success (Seriously!)

Don't know what you don't know An excerpt from a software development speech that Jim McCarthy gave to Microsoft Consulting when he was in charge of C++ (now Visual Studio).

What's the name of the project?

In this movie "I want to run an agile project" we follow the experiences of one such brave project leader, Luke, as he has many different encounters throughout the enterprise, working to establish and deliver his Agile project.

41 Agile Jokes - not that funny but... well look at the material comedians have to work with.

More serious videos about learning Scrum

An Intro to Scrum by animated Michael James - watch this 7 times and you can skip the 2 day Scrum Master course.

Scrum in 7 minutes. Learn the basics of the scrum development framework in just 7 minutes! By the end of this video you'll be ready to take the first steps towards implementing scrum practices on your development team!

ScrumMaster in under 10 minutes.  Learn the Scrum software development methodology in less than 10 minutes. By the end of this fast-paced video, you'll practically be a scrum master. You'll know about burn-down charts, team roles, product backlogs, sprints, daily scrums and more.
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