Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I enjoy being manipulated by Master Jedi

You know of the droids of which I speak, correct?

A Jedi Master uses mind control tricks to plant ideas in weaker minds.  It is an overt manipulation.  But what's the difference between manipulation and influence?  It is only when influence comes into our consciousness that it could be even considered manipulation.  And then all manipulation can not be the same, some must even be welcomed.  If one asked a coach for help with their tennis back swing, surely they would be open to manipulation.

So when I've been manipulated by a Master Jedi, I smile and wonder how they did it.

Guy Kawasaki just got me to FaceBook "Like" his new book Enchantment.  What manipulation did he use?  He offered me his first book "The Macintosh Way" in PDF for free (click link above for your copy).  How did he target me - a Mac fan - I don't know - could be I'm a fan.  Seemed a fair trade to me.  I'm sure I bought the book some 12 - 20 years ago, and it may be worth a second read.  And the cost - a little time and a smile at being Jedi Mind Tricked.

Why this just happened to me a month or two ago with Dan Pink's book Drive - see blog about Dan's Jedi Mind Trick.

Weak Mind.
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